• Tech

    Is it worth buying a PlayStation 5 in 2021?

    Is it worth buying a PlayStation 5 in 2021? As we approach the first anniversary of the PlayStation 5 release, I feel like it’s a good time to go over some important questions for those of you who are still deciding if buying one is a smart move or not. New launches, stock shortages, and a controller revamp are only a few of the key topics I’ll go over to help you determine if it’s worth buying a PlayStation 5 in 2021. Let’s begin! PlayStation 5 Games Sony has always been delivered some of the market’s best exclusives and they didn’t disappoint with the exclusive releases for PlayStation 5. We’re…

  • Science

    Sci-Hub: Why we need to save it.

    If you’re an academic student somewhere along your studies you came across papers that would be valuable to your research, but were “guarded” behind a paywall. Early on in my student years I heard about this great website that would allow access to all of those papers, for free: Sci-Hub. Without Sci-Hub I can’t imagine how harder my studies and how weaker my research would’ve been. So why are some people fighting so hard to get rid of it? What is Sci-Hub? Sci-Hub is a global, online platform bent on collecting thousands of research papers, from every possible subject, and making them available to the public, for free. The team…